November 2014

Early “Wintah” NOTAM

This month’s “Best” Fuel Price – $4.59!!!

My wife Nancy and I are extremely thankful
for the ongoing support you give us and the airport every day!

Here is a partial list of supporters:

Rich Davey, Recently retired MDOT Secretary/CEO, Chris Willenborg, MDOT-Aeronautics Division Executive Director, MDOT-AD staff, Kate Hogan, our State Representative, Jamie Eldridge, our State Senator, the Boxborough and Stow Boards of Selectmen who recognize the airport as a community asset, the Boxborough and Stow Emergency Services (Police, Fire, EMT & Dispatch) for being there when we need them, our airfield tenants who are our ‘life blood’, our hundreds of airport users and thousands of café customers who are our ‘raison d’être’, our wonderfully dedicated staff who do all the ‘heavy lifting’ of providing unparallel service, the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley who have enriched our lives, EAA Chapter 196 who have given more free airplane rides to children than any other chapter in the state, Friends Of Minuteman Airfield who bring humanity to the field on a regular basis, the Massachusetts Airport Management Association for mentoring me all these many years, the IMC Club for promoting aviation safety every day, and our seven member volunteer Airport Commissioners who truly guide our path to the future.

Finally, we are thankful to be healthy and enjoying the newest chapter of our lives – our first grandchild, Willett Anne McPherson, who, after two months, already has the power to attract us all the way to Boulder, CO on a regular basis!

A ‘Thank You’ Gift for your continued support can be found at

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Nancy’s at the Air Field will be closed for Thanksgiving Break from Monday 11/24 through Tuesday 12/2. Learn about café happenings including her ‘Solstice Dinner’ offering on her always up-to-date web site .

The OPS Office will be open during the café break, except
OPS will be closed from Noon Wednesday through Noon Friday of Thanksgiving week.

Office, Hangar & Tiedowns available.


Catch the ‘Minute Man Spirit’ at one of our events this month. No cure is known!

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