July 2019

July 2019 NOTAM

Help us Celebrate Minute Man Air Field’s
50th Anniversary and
12/30 Re-Opening at a BBQ
~ July 1st at 6pm ~

Nancy and Don will be cooking hot dogs and handing out ice cream right next to 12/30’s new turf surface.  

Note: Please feel free and safe to visit us as you normally do. You don’t have to land on the turf Monday to join the fun. Land on our newly paved 3/21, park on the South Ramp, wander over our way and kick back for the evening. 

We look forward to visiting with you, our loyal supporters!


~ 6B6 Airport News ~

100LL ONLY $4.59

Our “BEST” Fuel Price Can Be Your Price
With Runway 12/30’s new turf (open 7/1/19 at noon!) for grass landings, and our always ultra low fuel prices – you’ll be glad you stopped by!!!

MMAF Operations Office
We will be closed from Noon on July 3rd through noon on the July 5th. As always, our fuel account customers will have 24/7 access to our very low priced ($4.59)100LL!!!

Runway ‘3’ Safety Area Paving Updates
Runway ‘3’ Safety Area Paving COMPLETED!!!Thank you goes to Lazaro Paving for doing another fine job. We have relocated our solar power threshold lights to the new end of pavement and added two solar powered runway lights, making 3,110’ of Runway 21 available for landing!  Markings will be installed (painted) in two weeks, after the pavement has cured. Come check it out!!!

Runway ‘12/30’ Improvements
Runway ‘12/30’ Turf fully established and re-opened at noon today (July 1st)!!! YAY!!! Stick around to enjoy our 50th Anniversary party with hot dogs and ice cream starting at 6pm!


Catch the ‘Minute Man Spirit’ at one of our events this month.
No cure is known!

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