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June 2019 NOTAM

   June 2019 NOTAM

       Our “BEST” Fuel Price Can Be Your Price
With Runway 12/30 freshly seeded and soon-to-be open for grass landings, and our always ultra low fuel prices –
you’ll be glad you stopped by!!!

~ 6B6 Airport News ~


“!BDR 05/112 6B6 AIRSPACE UAS WI AN AREA DEFINED AS .5NM RADIUS OF 6B6 SFC-300FT AGL DLY SR-SS 1905240917-1906230027”
“Be advised of intermittent helicopter operations east of Runway ‘3/21’ and north of Runway ‘12/30’ below 300’ during daylight hours thru June 23rd.  The operator will be on UNICOM at all times.”  There will NOT BE little drones buzzing the pattern!

Please feel free and safe to visit us as you normally do.

Runway ‘3’ Safety Area Paving Updates

Lazaro Paving Company has now fine-graded and compacted our 340’ Safety Area. They will return with their paving crew any day now…  Watch for NOTAMS temporarily displacing our threshold during paving.

Runway ‘12/30’ Improvements

After fine-grading our ‘3′ RSA’, Lazaro Paving moved their grader and attention to Runway ‘12/30’.

Last week runway ’12/30′ was graded, smoothed, compacted then layered with top soil. Thursday, our farm friends from Dancing Plover Farms “fluffed” and fine graded the topsoil, and Friday Boyd Landscaping of Stow hydroseeded the whole shootin’ match. Can you imagine how beautiful that will be when the grass is established? Needless to say, ‘12/30’ will be temporarily NOTAM’d closed until June 30th. But it will be worth it!

Turf Runway 12/30 Re-Opening July 1st!

Calling all taildraggers, join Minute Man Air Field – 6B6, July 1st to help celebrate the re-opening runway 12/30. Time to get those tires on some turf! Starting at noon on the 1st of July, (which also happens to be exactly Minute Man celebrates our 50th Anniversary)! At 6pm we will have a family friendly cookout with hot dogs, soft drinks, and ice cream. You don’t have to land on the turf to help us celebrate our 50th and 12/30 reopening. It’s a party for all comers!!!

Catch the ‘Minute Man Spirit’ at one of our events this month.
No cure is known!


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