August 2019 NOTAM

August 2019 NOTAM

100LL ONLY $4.59

Our “BEST” Fuel Price Can Be Your Price
With Runway 12/30’s new turf (open 7/1/19 at noon!) for grass landings, and our always ultra low fuel prices – you’ll be glad you stopped by!!!


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MMAF Operations Office

We Just Can’t Help Ourselves! 
New Turf on 12/30 and new paved over-run on runway 3?! What’s next? #BusinessAsUsual Watch us on FB for updates!

Runway ‘3’ Safety Area Paving Updates
AKA ‘Runway ‘21’ over-run’! 
Runway ‘3’ Safety Area Paving is now MARKED!!! Thanks to our summer staffer, Jared Bilancieri and volunteer ‘Supervisors’ Steve Trefry and Jim Geanakos. Jared spent a full day laying out the 60’ tall ‘3’ and two 110’ long by 18” wide centerlines! Although the paved over-run has no practical effect on the landing length for ‘Runway 3’, it is available for roll-out on ‘Runway 21’ bringing it to 3,110’ available for landing. Come check it out!!!

Runway ‘12/30’ Improvements
Runway ‘12/30’, our 1,600’ x 60’ Turf Runway, is now being mowed and seeing frequent use!!! You are reminded that ‘Runway 30’ is not available for takeoffs. When operating on our parallel taxiway, please remember that ‘12/30’ is an active runway and you should look both ways before and announce when crossing it! Hold short lines are on our ‘To Be Painted’ list as a further reminder to be alert!!!

Did You Know?
‘T-3’ Hangar tenants now have running water in each unit?!  (As do all those in T-1 & T-2.) Thanks to our site contractor, Jason Fenton, for blowing out the plugged 4” conduit connecting T-3 to T-2 and pushing through the 1” water pipe. Thanks too to Scot Gordon for insulating all the plumber’s piping, which will prevent condensation from dripping on the planes!

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