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Our 100LL prices are adjusted with each shipment as we strive to give you the lowest price in New England! 
This is just one way we support the general aviation community in New England!

FUEL PRICES as of December 1st
Credit Card:                 per gallon   –  $4.09
Cash or check:             10 cents off –  $3.99
$500 Prepayment:        20 cents off –  $3.89
$2,500 Prepayment: 30 cents off – $3.79
$5,000 Prepayment:     40 cents off –  $3.69

Pump your own 24/7 with a prepaid account or between 9 & 4 daily for credit card, cash or check sales.



The Minute Man community came out in force to welcome Craig Maiman home in his recently completed Sling 4.  We asked Craig about his path to building and flying this beautiful plane, and here’s what he had to say:  “After getting my pilot’s license in 2012 and attending a couple of Oshkosh shows, I decided I wanted to build an airplane and considered nearly all of the popular kits (e.g. Van’s, Kitfox, Zenith, Ran’s, Sonex, etc.).  After reading about the Sling line and seeing them at OSH, I decided that was the plane for me.  The Sling 4 was gorgeous, could hold 4 adults and I felt I could build it in a reasonable time (well, at least compared to an RV-10, which I realized was a huge project).

I got the first sub-kits in early 2014 and began in earnest.  I thought it would be a 3.5-year build, but that quickly proved to be too optimistic.  Mostly because I didn’t put in as many hours per week as I expected (I know someone that built their Sling 4 in about 3 years).  After 5 and a half years I decided I wanted help in finishing it, so I found a company in Oklahoma that was willing to do the work at a reasonable price.  Well, they ended up taking way longer than their own estimate, but it was finally done in October of this year.  After the Phase 1 testing was complete I went down to Oklahoma to pick it up and flew it back with a fellow Sling builder/flyer friend, Bob, who is a retired American Airlines captain.  As a former CFI and having over 500 hours in his own Sling, he was the perfect guy to fly back with.

On the first day, we flew from Norman, OK to Dayton, OH with a stop in Illinois.  On the 2nd day, we flew direct from Dayton to 6B6 in 4 hrs. 20 min. The whole trip we had great tailwinds and clear skies for most of that time.

The greeting we got on our return was tremendous and felt so great to see.  After 6 and half years of building, it was such a high to taxi my Sling 4 up to my family and friends waiting (all masked!) in front of my hangar.”


Ninety-Nines Magazine recently published this article by Sue Buena.  In it, Sue recounts her interest in gyroplanes after a decades-long break from aviation.  She also discusses the purchase of her AutoGyro Cavalon, passing her checkride and flying it home to 6B6 from Maryland. 

It’s always great to learn more about women in aviation, and what our female community members are up to!  Please send us your stories to share!


Don and John Kinney recently flew a ‘COVID Compliant’ mission for Turtles Fly Too, a non-profit organization who facilitates the use of general aviation to transport endangered species.

Launching early last Wednesday 11/25, they transported 12 Kemp’s Ridley and 3 Green sea turtles from Marshfield, MA (KGHG) to Baltimore, MD (KMTN) in 11 banana boxes. New England Aquarium staff loaded the precious cargo into Don’s Cherokee Six (with plenty of extra insulation added to assure turtle warmth) and after a smooth, uneventful flight, the turtles were transferred to their new home at the National Aquarium.

Turtles Fly Too partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to educate students and other non-profit organizations about the importance of general aviation to our society, and specifically, endangered sea turtle rescue operations.  They’re always looking for pilots, and as Don and John will tell you it’s a rewarding way to spend a day flying!  Go to Turtles Fly Too for more information on how to plan your own mission!


The Operations Office welcomes Ashley Yarnell and Eric Rolfe to the team, and welcomes back John Kinney and Bill Oakland from vacation.  We’ve got a great crew working hard to keep Minute Man the friendly and safe field we are known for!



Until now, our solution to COVID social distancing requirements has been to conduct all fuel sales outdoors.  But with cold weather upon us, we are inviting pilots back into our Operations Office to say hello, process payments or purchase hot & cold drinks and snacks.  To protect the safety of our customers and staff, we have enhanced our sanitizing measures, erected a clear partition at the desk and require everyone to wear masks inside. Thank you for helping keep our aviation community safe and flying through the pandemic!




Friday & Saturday 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Call or order online and pickup “planeside”

Nancy is also offering special meals for Christmas and New Year’s dinner. 
Check the website for details!

The Air Field Operations Office is open daily from 9-4 and offers Café snacks, hot coffee and drinks for sale.


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