About Us


Started as a 1700 ft grass landing strip known as Erikson Field in 1963 by local pilots, the airport was purchased by Paul McPherson in 1966. Paul and his son, Don, paved and extended the runway to 2000 feet, added a parallel taxiway, tie-downs for 50 planes, installed AVGAS pumps and constructed the Operations Building. The former grass strip was re-opened as Minute Man Air Field on July 1, 1969. Paul’s wife and daughter also opened a small coffee shop on the field called “Peg’s Place”, making Minute Man Air Field truly a family run business.

Still a family run operation, Minute Man now has a 3,100 foot paved, lighted, instrument runway and a 1600 foot visual grass runway, and is known as the I-495 region’s “24 hour, All-Weather, Public Use Airport”

Over the decades the airport has added aircraft maintenance and storage hangars, a runway extension, a second “cross-wind” runway, aircraft parking aprons, and has upgraded the fuel storage facility to DEP environmental standards. In the early nineties, 100 acres of land, destined to be yet another housing development, was added to the field’s land holdings providing additional buffer between the airfield and its residential neighbors. Now the open space is being farmed and serves as home to many species of wildlife.


The airfield is home to more than 70 based aircraft stored in three hangars and on tie-downs along the taxi-ways and aprons. In addition to Fourth & Field, reputed as a fly-in or drive-in destination for fine food and friendly service, the airport is home to numerous other businesses.

Minute Man Air Field has a strong community of pilots and non-pilots alike. The airport is still owned and operated by Don McPherson. In addition to Don’s expertise obtained through over 50 years of running the airport, our operation has a passionate group of local business, government, and aviation professionals who voluntarily advise us, helping us to achieve our vision of Boosting the Economy, Serving the Community, and Nurturing the Environment.

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Minute Man Air Field is the ideal place for me to base my aircraft. I fly from Minute Man to destinations mostly up and down the east coast for both business and pleasure. Minute Man's lighted instrument runway, close proximity to I-495, excellent T-Hangers, and the welcoming small airport environment have made it a great place to call home!
Jim Baum