Boosting the ECONOMY

Economic Impact

In the MassDOT Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study, MassDOT identifies the economic impact of Massachusetts’ 39 public use airports. From the report,

“The 39 public-use airports in Massachusetts are important transportation resources as well as significant economic engines. The analysis presented in this study considers the annual economic impacts accrued in 2010 associated with airport business operations, onairport construction, military aviation, visitors who arrive via commercial airlines, and visitors who arrive on privately-owned general aviation aircraft. These impacts are reported for each airport in terms of employment, payroll, and total economic activity. Overall, Massachusetts public-use airports generate $11.9 billion in total annual economic activity, including $4.9 billion in total annual payroll resulting from 124,369 jobs that can be traced to the aviation industry. In addition to these economic benefits, airports in Massachusetts provide a number of health, welfare, and safety benefits, the impacts of which are beyond conventional measurement. Services such as medical transport and evacuation, flight training, law enforcement flights, wildlife management, military exercises, and search and rescue operations, all contribute directly to the quality of life of those who live and work in Massachusetts.”

Airport Economic Impact

Proximity to Boston & Surrounding Areas

Minute Man Air Field is the closest 24 hour, public use airport for communities from Westford, MA to Hopkington, MA.

We provide aviation access to these communities for emergency response, business, tourism, and recreation. For users of our facility, this airport serves as a gateway to the region and the world.

Local Business Support

As an important piece of our National and Statewide aviation infrastructure, Minute Man is also home to numerous businesses. Over 40 people are employed on the premises, working in more than a dozen businesses located on the Air Field.

Minute Man Air Field Service Area

Minute Man Air Field Service Area

This little economic engine, located right here in Stow, MA is responsible for more than $8.5M in economic output, benefiting the local economy.