Our Pledge

Since 1969 Minute Man Air Field has held a strong commitment to boosting the local economy, supporting our community, and nurturing the environment; our “Economy, Community, Environment” pledge. We believe our obligations go well beyond just being the best airfield we can be. While our primary function is as an all-weather airport supporting business and recreational users, we believe strongly in the opportunity we have to help our local towns, neighbors, and the environment in which we live. We like to think of the airport as a “portal” to the world, allowing our users to conduct business throughout many geographies and enabling a gateway into our community for tourism, recreation, and emergency/rescue operations.

There is so much more to this community than meets the eye. We have a dedicated community of people (and animals!) that leverage our facilities for all sorts of things. We support educational needs, provide community gathering spaces, provide a place to call home for a dozen businesses, and provide a natural habitat for hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects.

Boosting the ECONOMY, Supporting the COMMUNITY, and Nurturing the ENVIRONMENT, since 1969!