Noise Abatement and Safety Procedures

Safety is our number one priority in everything we do. Please use our airport facilities safely, responsibly and respectfully.


Traffic Pattern

In low traffic, no wind conditions, we suggest departing on runway 03 and landing on runway 21. This provides the greatest obstacle clearance. If there is traffic in the pattern and no wind, runway 21 is active.

Airplane Operations

Climb straight out to 1300′ MSL before making first turn for noise abatement.

Make left traffic in the pattern

Pattern altitude is 1300′ MSL (1032′ AGL)

Use the quietest, safe operating procedure for your airplane.

Notify airport manager (978-897-3933) of intention to operate between 2300 – 0600 local.

Helicopter Operations

Helicopters make right traffic.

Make first turn at 1300’ MSL.

Turn downwind at 1300’ MSL.

Turn final at 1/2 mile except for auto rotations.

Do not over-fly nearby homes unless at pattern altitude.

No runway 21 departures from 12/30 intersection (runway 3 departures OK from intersection).

Arrive/depart from/to East at 1100’ MSL on runway 12/30 centerline for 1/2 mile.

Limit auto rotations or approaches to 3 per hour to minimize noise.

For 180 degree auto rotations on runway 3/21, aim for far end of runway to avoid homes.  Must taxi back for full-length departure.

Minimize blade slap.

When fueling, remain on runway side of pumps.

Do not over-fly buildings at the airport.